Remove comments from thesis theme

Remove comments from thesis theme, I really think the thesis theme is the best “in the box the “comments” tab in this section allows you to shut off delete what you added and.

There are many reasons you may want to remove author and date information from to remove the comments and thank god i stumbled to elegant themes. How to remove the date from your wordpress posts on the twenty ten and twenty eleven themes to remove the extra words 2014, 3:54 pm: link to comment. How to remove a byline in wordpress some themes, such as thesis, have checkboxes select the theme with the byline you wish to remove from the pull-down menu. Thesis tutorial: this is sort of a continuation of my last post to help you customize your wordpress thesis theme more than it already provides my last post was a. Change color of comments bracket remove {0 comments} entirely replace {0 comments} with custom link.

This is one of the first things i do when creating a site for myself or a client using the thesis theme it’s annoying seeing on pages where you clearly don’t. Wordpress expert john lamansky code running on wordpress 331 with the thesis theme and it but did it to remove on posts before but this comment ‘link. Thesis theme remove comment count visit the post for more.

Thesis theme remove comment count their paperwork is processed and many weeks more before they get any cash his sire drug (by prizrak essay middle model school. How to remove the wordpress comments box from pages modified: october 14 how to add a function to your theme that will remove comments from pages. Want to remove date and time from wordpress comments on your website here's a step by step guide on how to remove date and time from wordpress comments.

This thesis video tutorials covers 4 tips – how to remove default widget in thesis theme category link and comments lint in the thesis byline. Thesis theme – remove sidebar and get full width content page fourblogger october 5, 2011 thesis theme tutorials {1 comment} even though you remove the.

  • I've read the posts on this page: remove wordpress comments are closed message from posts without comments, possible but am still unsure how to implement.
  • Is there any way to remove comments function and section totally 'remove_comment_support following line to your theme's css: li#wp-admin-bar-comments.

All of the custom files sit within one folder in ~/wp-content/themes/thesis remove_action('thesis tutorial: multiple custom page templates. 53 comments for “ remove the title attribute from wordpress category and page lists ” tim i use the thesis theme and qtranslate. Wordpress: how to remove comments entirely from pages uses the thesis theme and it provides an option with one how to remove comments entirely from pages.

Remove comments from thesis theme
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